S3NY brings a depth of experience and understanding to a wide range of educational offerings.

The group offers residencies, master classes, lecture/demonstrations, “informances”, and music workshops to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. S3NY has met with a high level of success in these efforts for decades. Along with their formidable performances and recordings, S3NY continues to break new ground with these educational endeavors. S3NY also has a musician residency program, learn more.

S3NY has conducted various programs in conjunction with concert performances at the following locations (selected list):

Stanford University

Washington University

Rutgers University

SUNY Stonybrook

University of Nebraska

Dartmouth College

Quad Cities Visiting Artists Program

Grinnell College

U. C. San Diego

University of New Mexico

Penn State

Evergreen State

Valparaiso College

SUNY Buffalo

University of Arizona

North Carolina State

University of Vermont

George Mason University

University of Oregon

University of Tennessee