S3NY Musician Residency Program

String Trio of New York Residency for String Instruments and Ensembles:
Available in 2-5 day programs

For all music students

  • master classes
  • small and large ensemble coaching
  • lessons on theory and improvisation
  • reviews of student performances
  • student musicians performing with the S3NY

Specifically for string musicians

Players of bowed stringed instruments have the opportunity to study the jazz language, learning how to make stylistically appropriate bowing, phrasing and articulation choices. Strategies for acquiring vocabulary and harmonic understanding are presented, with an emphasis on familiar techniques and practice methods shared by both the classical and jazz traditions – coached by S3NY’s violinist Rob Thomas, Chair of the String Department at Berklee College of Music.

It’s S3NY’s intention that all of its educational activities be confluent and supportive of the focus of each institution and its specific teachers.  Teachers in the Music Department can select any combination of workshops and activities from the full menu or can work directly with S3NY to develop custom activities that will be most effective for each teacher’s plans.

S3NY also offers residency activities developed specifically for high school students and for non-music students. These materials are available upon request.

The String Trio of New York Educational Activities

The following activities have been conceived as productive and enriching workshop activities for music students in higher education. They can be selected as individual workshops or as part of an extended residency. 3NY also will work with teachers to craft customized programs upon request.

 The Art of Improvisation
In this lecture/demonstration, S3NY will explore various aspects of improvisation, from traditional approaches to the multi-dimensional forms of the present day. This program is abundantly illustrated through improvisations on original works by the members and others. Various types of collective improvisation as well as “textural improvisation” will also be demonstrated and discussed.

Jazz Clinic for ensembles and soloists
Members of the Trio listen to student ensembles and soloists and offer observations, critique and advice. The Trio also performs and discusses their approaches to various styles of jazz and improvised music fielding questions as well.

Composition Clinic
All three members of the S3NY are world-renowned composers. Hear insights into development of new repertoire, commissioning and recording new works. Explore the technical and emotional side of composition in jazz and chamber forms.

Our Way – Jazz & Creativity
A general discussion of the String Trio of New York’s history, repertoire, development, roles and functions of each instrument; includes performances of diverse compositions demonstrating various facets of their repertoire.

 Jazz Through the Ages (or History of Jazz Through Strings)
A chronological demonstration of the growth and development of jazz in the 20th century. This informative and thought-provoking lecture/discussion features performances of works by Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and others, tracing the development of the music to the present time.

 Jump for Joy – Jazz for Families
In this for-all-ages program, the String Trio of New York discusses and demonstrates their instruments, their approaches to improvisation, and the basic building blocks of music (harmony, rhythm and melody) in a fun, interactive performance that will have everyone dancing in their seats.