APRIL 7, 2019

40th Anniversary Concert – June 6th
Interpretations Series at Roulette

Formed in the late 70s during the legendary days of the New York Downtown scene, The String Trio of New York forged a deep path for a new movement in contemporary music emerging from the jazz tradition.  Combining the progressive essence of that profound period in jazz with similarly adventurous elements of modern classical and world music traditions, S3NY was highly instrumental in the development of the genre-busting chamber sound that is so much at the heart of the present-day creative scene.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary year of continuous activity, the extraordinary ensemble S3NY will be featured at New York’s renowned Interpretations Series along with String Noise at Brooklyn’s Roulette on Thursday, June 6, 2019, at 8pm. Roulette is located at 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY, and tickets are $20 for adults / $15 for students & seniors, and available on Roulette.organd

Founded by visionary composer and guitarist James Emery along with bassist John Lindberg and the late violinist Billy Bang primarily as a vehicle for their own compositions, S3NY has sustained that instrumentation for its entire existence. While James and John remained consistent members for more than 30 years, with a limited succession of fine violinists (including Regina Carter), James Emery is joined by the remarkable Rob Thomas on violin since 2001; and by outstanding bassist Tony Marino, following founding member and bassist emeritus John Lindberg’s move to Michigan in 2011.

With a repertoire that includes a consistent reinvigoration of favorite originals, brilliant re-imaginations of classics by legendary jazz composers and a number of commissioned works by some of the most respected modern composers, S3NY has remained innovative, adventurous and utterly contemporary throughout its entire history.

For this special performance, the group will be performing vignettes of notable early works by S3NY co-founders, including Billy Bang’s Bang’s Bounceand John Lindberg’s Twixt C & Dand a new realization of a piece they commissioned from the legendary Muhal Richard Abrams, Strings and Things. Taking a World Music view of this stunning work, S3NY will be joined by percussionist Thurman Barker – a long-time collaborator with Abrams and Emery – playing balafon, drums, and marimba.

The program will be rounded out by some of Emery’s most popular works for the ensemble, The Pursuit of Happiness, Cobalt Blue, and E Pedal.

Whether you are a longtime fan or new to this marvelous group, this concert will be a revelation.

The String Trio will be recording its 40th anniversary album later this year.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

New Seeds Program

Sound Directions’ “New Seeds” program is dedicated to introducing new audiences to music that they have never heard before. Through this program, for more than thirty years the String Trio of New York (S3NY) has presented numerous concerts to audiences outside the major cities who rarely experience the kind of innovative “chamber jazz” S3NY has pioneered.

Free to the public and funded in part through the ongoing support of the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) – which has lauded S3NY for being “Johnny Appleseeds of art” – the New Seeds Program is an intrinsic and deeply valued activity in every season of S3NY’s annual programming. The members find that their audiences are invariably delighted and awakened, their lives enhanced and society at large made more whole.

In addition to the performance, this program also includes lively discussions and Q & A sessions. The musicians value the group dialogue as much of the directions is unpredictable and enlightening. The audience comes away with a new-found understanding of the processes of improvisation and ensemble dynamics, and the priceless experience of their exposure to the pursuit of transcendence through music.